Our Journey

Our Journey began with the search for cleaner and more nutritious foods that we could enjoy as a family. We could see the effect of what food was doing to our kids behaviour when they consumed processed foods, sugar or in some cases Gluten. Changing our daily food to be completely nutritious proved challenging especially when it came to treats for the kids. The more we researched, it became more evident of how far processed foods had travelled down the road of destruction.
What we were effectively eating was sugar filled, nutrient deficient, modified foods that were actually harming us, to the point of cancer affecting our family. What we believed was healthy was in fact far from it.
We then researched ways we could get more nutritious foods into our everyday living. Most people are nutrient deficient therefore feel hungry as your body is not getting enough nutrients out of processed foods, so it sends a signal to your body saying you need to eat more. One of the best ways to get your daily source of nutrients is through Cold Press Juicing, as it provides you with a concentrated dose, which you would otherwise struggle to consume the quantity in vegetables or fruit if you were to eat them.
At Full of Life we have the passion to share the nutritional benefits from our Cold Press Juices with and help you feel re energised and let nature nourish and heal your body.


Michelle is a Cert 4 Qualified Personal Trainer, Qualified Muscle Rehabilitation Trainer, Certified Wellness Coach and Food and Nutrition Coach. Michelle is passionate about finding natural ways to heal and nourish our bodies as nature intended.

Jason is a Cert 4 Qualified Personal Trainer and has managed award winning businesses, including winning National Franchise of the Year, Regional Environmental Business Award and Business Excellent Award. Jason along with Michelle has started Full of Life Organic juices to claim back what’s rightfully ours – real unprocessed nutritious food. The word food is defined as “any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth” by this definition most foods on our supermarket shelf would not come under this category.

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