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We believe by consuming our products there are many health benefits, but we are not medical professionals. Information on this site is not medical advice and must not be taken to be a substitute for it. If you are unsure you need to consult your doctor.  Your health is your responsibility and though at Full of Life we take all reasonable care to provide you with beneficial information and products. Ultimately we do not take any responsibility for the choices you make in respect to our information supplied or products consumed.

Please note our juices are unpasteurised. Pasteurisation refers to the process of heating a food or beverage with the goal of reducing the number of viable pathogens in the product. This heating process, however, also kills many of the beneficial vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes contained therein. Nevertheless, be advised: OUR JUICE IS NOT PASTEURIZED AND, THEREFORE, MAY CONTAIN HARMFUL BACTERIA THAT CAN CAUSE SERIOUS ILLNESS IN CHILDREN, THE ELDERLY, AND PERSONS WITH WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEMS.

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